Tribute to Janie

Best Big Brother Player in History <3  (yes, I'm obsessing right now)

Season Six:
Prettiest Girl in the House!

Jedi Janie and Beefcake Howie <3
The Buxom Blonde Bombshell
Janie with King Kaysar!!
The Sovs...sigh.  What could have been.
 Brainy Janie figuring the guys out by how good they are at chess

"Bye, Bye Bitches!"  After those liars evicted Kaysar

 "I got beat by the NERD HERD!"  That's ok, Janie, you're an All Star!

Season Seven:

Being Beautiful

Winning Vetos and HOHs
 Making Mistakes :(

 Big Brother Homecoming Queen

Of course, with the Evil Dr.

 Beloved by the fans, but sent out third AGAIN!  Why, oh, why....