I see the moon
And the moon sees me
God bless the moon
And God bless me
Please let the light
That shines on me
Shine on the ones
I love.

-A blessing whispered for those who slept in moonlight.  It was considered they would become {luna}tics after doing such a thing.  Or maybe werewolves.  Did you not know the moon drives us mad?


dead of winter

winter drips from icy fingertips:
silent waters still inside their tombs,
chilling winds rush through dead, broken leaves,
sapphire darkness denies sunlight room.

crystals sit among tree branches high,
adorning eerie, glowing arms stretched out.
on frozen nights even trees cease to live;
so still, with snowy eaves spread all about.

winter sprinkles night over the snow,
and shimmering in moonlight sits the ground.
yet, soon the rolling clouds bring forth their pains,
til, tho' it's there, you cannot see the town.

tempests will kill blind eyes with dark deceits;
all draped in beauty, tempting men who tread.
white robes will shimmer before sleepy eyes,
white robes dance in the dreams of frozen dead.


a dream

    I was fairly certain I was dreaming.  For one thing, despite my many attempts in the past, I knew I was utterly incapable of flying; and yet there I was, soaring through thin air at an alarming speed.  At first, while my eyes were still closed, I had thought I was swimming, as the sensation was familiar.  I had wrenched my eyes open, blurry with sleep, and felt the tension in my muscles propelling me forward.  Shapes slowly came into focus beneath me.  Suddenly, my eyes widened and my arms and legs shot out awkwardly, searching for something on which to brace myself.  The trees, which were crystal clear in my vision moments ago, though I was at least a hundred yards above them, turned into a watercolor streak as I began plummeting toward them.  
    After the shocking force of the wind initially wore off, I clawed frantically at the air, trying to climb back up the nothing that was all around me.  I found that I could push the air with my arms if I made the right motions.  Fascinating.  It was working.  Slowly, the falling sensation ceased, the ground swam back into focus, and I sucked an ocean’s worth of oxygen into my lungs.  I decided to try my hand at this whole “flying” thing since, you know, I was already up there.  I tentatively reached my hand out into the soft breeze, and followed an invisible trail of dark gray cloud with my eyes to where I could see a few scattered rainbows dangling precariously over a distant farmhouse, hanging onto tiny beams of sunlight.  Instinctively, I swished my arms out at my sides and attempted to kick with my legs in order to get a closer look.  This action caused me to zoom forward so quickly that I was over the farmhouse, and then past it, before I could blink.  I couldn't see the sun from here.  There were no rainbows.  Just a dusky dimness settling itself over the countryside.
As disturbing as this whole set of affairs should have been, I was soon giggling and racing back and forth and up and down.  It passed through my mind a few times that I should really get back down to the ground where I belonged.  Pretty soon the good luck or mystical curse or whatever was happening to me would run out or wear off and I would really, really fall.  Thoughts like these were fleeting though, as the rush I was experiencing took up all my energies.  
Finally, after what must have been hours, I tired, and actually did attempt a landing.  I floated back a few miles, watching the corn stalks waving in the wind, searching for a good spot.  As I neared my house, the neighbor’s dog ran below me, barking, and for the first time I wondered what would happen if someone saw me.
Visions of scientific lab experiments and carnival lights bouncing off of dark metal chains which were holding me to the floor floated in front of my eyes.  Tourists, children, and other onlookers gaped as my arms and legs fanatically pulled at the air, flying only yards off the ground, trying to escape.  
I shook my head and laughed at myself as the dog’s barking snapped me out of my reverie.  My imagination very often carried me off into similar horrifying scenarios, which of course, were beyond ridiculous, right?  Suddenly not many things seemed ridiculous, as I floated in midair.  Dread crept over me.  I decided I would land right then and there, as I could see my small cottage from the air above the dirt road.  
When my feet had lowered to mere inches above the earth, I slowed automatically, wondering sadly if this would be a one time thing or if I had lost my mind and was currently in a psych ward somewhere.  I braced for the landing, but my feet never touched the ground.
Instead, I shot up into the sky.  Fighting off the effects of whiplash, I realized that something strong was pulling me toward space, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I cried out, I writhed, I screamed, I pushed, I wailed, I pulled.  There was nobody around.  There was nothing there.  I wished for something, anything to grab onto, to pull myself down, but of course there was nothing.  I rose higher and higher and began to be fearful as the blue sky darkened.  Soon the atmospheric pressure would become so great that it would suffocate me, crush me.  The ever widening horizon looked like a gaping mouth ready to swallow me whole.  No, one that had already swallowed me, and I was inadvertently heading deeper and deeper into its bowels to be dissolved.  How I wished for gravity!  I knew that these were the last few breaths I would ever take, so I sucked them in deeply.


her name


tides humming and 


she steps forward and runs back.

soon she is gone,

flown away on the wind.

she embraced the moon in desperation

and it warmed her.